Thursday, 6 February 2020

POWERtalk Pollokshields — Fashion

5th February 2020

The evening was opened by President Brendan who introduced the Theme "Fashion" with a recording of the Kinks "Dedicated follower of Fashion" and had everyone singing.

Everyone was made welcome to the first meeting of 2020.  Unfortunately, there were a number of apologies which meant that various members had two assignments.

Brendan introduced Louise

who gave us an interesting Inspiration and gave out Topics such as Liz on Burns (not a fan), Roz on fashion who gave us a quote from an Editor of Vogue "Fashion can be bought, but Style you must possess), Regina on a quote from Marilyn Munroe on the right kind of shoes, Brendan on TV programme fashion - Pottery" and

 finally, Grace who was asked about fashion which caused dogs to be bred for fashion - she did not like the topic and cleverly talked about jewellery fashion.

The Education/ Fun item was by Regina
This took the form of a most entertaining Quiz covering many areas of fashion.   The winner was Brendan.
Following the tea break, the two speakers were introduced

 Roz who took us through the ages with fashion and gave us sensible advice at the end.
Carole who led us through a number of areas of life which was fashion-led and told us about a jumper which she has knitted which was on the catwalk during London Fashion Week.

The evaluations were by Grace and Brendan.

A short Business Meeting then took place and items discussed were the Council and Club Speech Contest and club dues.

The Timing was by Carole and the General Evaluation and Vote of Thanks was by Liz.

A most enjoyable evening was had by all.

Date of the next meeting:   19th February 2020 in Hutchesons' Grammar School and the Theme will be Dance.

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