Saturday, 9 February 2019

Pollokshields Club

On 6th February Pollokshields Club met for the first time in 2019.    The Theme for the evening was "Fungi"

Members were welcomed by President Scilla who welcomed Regina as a new member - a good start to the year.

 New member Regina.

The Chairman, Liz was introduced and after giving an inspiration "All mushrooms are edible, but some only once" which is a Croatian Proverb.she led the topics including Scillla on "Life is too short to stuff a mushroom", Carole on the difficulty of going out to dinner as a vegetarian, Grace foraging for mushrooms in Italy and Regina on the difficulties of love in ancient Rome.

Tis was followed by a very lively "fun" session based on 20 Questions.   The winner was Carole.
Following the tea interval there were two speeches 
 Roz - Title "Fungi by any other name" and
 Iris - title "Our little fungi friends"

Both speeches were both entertaining and educational.   Who would have guessed that there was so much to say about fungi?
Our General Evaluation was by Grace and the evening concluded with Louise, the timekeeper giving the timings, closing thought  and the Vote of Thanks

Our next meeting is to be on 20th February in room A8.  This is to be our Speech Contest.  A number of people have indicated that they will be joining us and, as usual, visitors will be made very welcome.

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