Saturday, 20 February 2016

POWERtalk Pollokshields Meeting 19th February 2016

Due to other commitments, we  moved our usual Monday meeting to Friday 19th February.

As we have two contestants from the Club going forward to the Caledonia Council
Speech Contest,  we used our speech session as a rehearsal for the Council Contest which
will be held on the 13th March 2016.

After the President's Welcome,  Louise L. led the Inspiration and Topics on the subject of
Heroes and Villains.
Topics ranged from villainous bankers to Donald Trump, to tax avoidance by huge
companies and then to whether or not returning armed forces personnel should need to rely
on charities to help them and finally,  the pros and cons of part privatisation of the NHS.

Anita C. then introduced the speakers who were Carole F. giving us a talk to persuade.

Carole's speech was "To Doncaster and Beyond"
 Her speech was followed by one from Iris G. whose subject was to inspire.                          

Iris's speech was 'The Bat Man"

After  written evaluations from club members and timings, we broke for a tea interval
and followed that by a Business Meeting.

Our next meeting will be held in the Loggia Room at the Pollokshields Burgh Hall on
the 29th February 2016  7.15 for 7.30pm start and the theme for the evening is "Home Sweet Home".

Tuesday, 9 February 2016

POWERtalk Pollokshields Meeting 8th February 2016

Our Club members met last night and as this was a rescheduled meeting we held it at
the  home of a club member making for quite an informal set up.

Dispensing with the usual welcome, inspiration and topics, we moved straight to the
education session which was given by our President Brendan.  

Our theme for the evening was HEROES AND VILLAINS and  so  it was quite apt that Brendan
was able to give us a talk on a painting he had created for Lentfest 2016.  This is a community festival run by AGAP (the Archdiocese of Glasgow Arts Project) since 2007, to encourage reflection on faith ideas through the creative and performing arts during a season of renewal and reparation.

The subject of Brendan's painting was St Margaret of Scotland and he took us through the process of research,  from her nationality to her clothes to the style of her crown and the chainmail of one of the knights. All  were put under scrutiny in a bid to get a true representation of the period as he worked up from the preliminary sketches to the charcoal images on canvas.

When satisfied with his research and sketches he moved to oils and finally below
is the finished painting   "St Margaret on an errand of Mercy"

It is a beautiful and thoughtful work  and it was a great pleasure for us all to be taken on his journey of research and discovery through to the finished painting.

Following the Education Session, Anita gave a heartfelt talk  "A little hero worship" about the
struggles of parents and doctors to look after a sick child and Carole followed this by a talk on the good and bad works of Cecil Rhodes, given the current call for his statue to be removed from Oriel College Oxford, as part of  the Rhodes must Fall campaign.

After timings and evaluations and correspondence the meeting came to an end.

The next meeting of the Club will be held on Friday 19th February but will be held again in
a private venue.