Saturday, 21 September 2013

Happy as a Leaf

Gyles Brandreth was on the BBC News Channel this morning talking about his new book The Seven Secrets of Happiness. Why the BBC allowed him to plug his book I don't know, but one of his strange-sounding secrets was to be a leaf.

A leaf? What he means is that a leaf on a tree is part of something bigger. You should join an organization.

If you are belong to a POWERtalk club you are part of an organization. A leaf receives nourishment from the tree but the branch is not the tree, it is only part of the tree.

The organization is POWERtalk International because it is international in scope. A twig may be part of a branch which is part of a limb which, in turn, is part of the trunk. In POWERtalk a member is part of a club, the club is (normally) part of a council, the council is (normally) part of a region which is part of the international organization.

It is myopic to see the club purely as an entity in its own right. The member can have a much richer experience if he or she is involved in council, region and even international level.