Thursday, 23 September 2010

Why bother with Accreditation?

Accreditation assignments are tailored to individual needs within a recognised, optional, multi-level format, which offers a flexible and self-paced program. From the simplest of beginnings of a one-minute ‘speech’, to the complexity of leading two-hour workshops at International Conventions, the Accreditation Program provides a disciplined and graduated personal growth path.
  • We all need a yardstick to measure our progress - whether it was the baby steps at School, culminating in achieving your school leaving qualifications, moving onto University and obtaining a degree - these are life skill assessments of our ability. We are a top quality training organisation based on assisting our members to achieve professional status in their chosen field and as such our Accreditation programme assists them to assess just how far and well they have progressed.
  • You receive a written evaluation for every assignment – very useful to measure your achievements.
  • Being on the Accreditation Programme gives you the incentive to undertake assignments you would not normally do – such as Workshops at Council and Region or even perhaps at International.
  • You receive encouragement at all levels from the Accreditation Team.
  • Clubs which have many members on the Programme find that their club programmes are more interesting as members ask for assignments to complete the different levels.
  • You receive a qualification Starting with EC(Efficient Communicator), PC(Proficient Communicator), SC(Skilled Communicator), AC(Accomplished Communicator), and DC(Distinguished Communicator) and your employer will be advised of your success (if wished)
  • The Latimer Trophy is awarded to the person who has the most signatures in their book in the year in Great Britain Region.

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