Monday, 6 September 2010

Self-Accreditation Through Origami

In preparation for the POWERtalk International Training Weekend in Kobe, why not brush up on your origami skills with this simple self-accrediting model? You can obtain origami paper from any good arts and crafts shop

 Start with your piece of paper colour side up. Fold the top edge to the bottom edge, make a firm crease with your thumbnail then unfold.  Fold the right-hand edge to the left hand edge and again make a firm crease and then unfold. A fold with the colour on the inside is known as a valley fold.

Turn the paper over and fold in half across each diagonal, crease firmly and unfold. A fold with the colour on the outside is known as a mountain fold.

Holding the paper at the marked points on the left and right fold into the creases to bring those to points down to meet the marked centre point.

Flatten the model. This is called the water-bomb base but we are not going to make a water bomb!

Fold the top triangle into the centre and unfold. Using this crease, open out the triangle and flatten. This is known as the squash fold.

Repeat the previous step on all four of the flaps of the water bomb base. The model will now look like this.

On the uppermost diamond, fold the outside corners into the centre line, crease well then open.

Fold the whole model in half and unfold.

Using the creases made in the previous two steps, lift the bottom point of the model (the uppermost layer only) up to the top point, bringing in the sides of the model at the same time, as shown. This is known as the petal fold.

Repeat the previous three steps (petal fold) on each of the remaining three sides.

Now fold down each of these triangles halfway, on all four sides.

If you have followed the instructions, award yourself a star.

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