Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Accreditation: The What, Why, Who and Where to get you started



Accreditation is a way of recognising achievement and guaranteeing quality. In POWERtalk we all do assignments that we are proud of but we soon forget how well we did. If you have all of your assignments accredited as well as evaluated you will have a record of those you did well. Accreditation is not just a tick box exercise. To be accredited for an assignment you must do it to a minimum standard which is where the guaranteeing the quality comes in.

If you wish your employer will be informed when you complete each level.


Because it gives you a goal and a record of all the assignments we complete, together with a written evaluation for future use. It is a measure of your improvement.


Can I find out more about this?
Go on line to the International web page at
Click on Resource centre for Accreditation (don’t forget to click go)
to read about
The Accreditation Journey
Accreditation Basics Master Manual UK Section 8
Lists of Accomplished Communicators and Distinguished Communicators

After that go to Master Manual for the Accreditation Programme

Master Manual - Section 3.1 Project Basics level 1
Effective Communicator (EC) Level One l
Master Manual - Section 3.2 Project Basics level 2
Proficient Communicator (PC) Level Two
Master Manual - Section 3.3 Project Basics level 3
Skilled Communicator (SC) Level Three
Master Manual - Section 3.4 Project Basics level 4
Accomplished Communicator (AC) Level Four;
Master Manual – Section 3.5 Project Basics level 5 Distinguished Communicator (DC) Level Five
Master Manual - Section 3.6.1 Appendices for Effective Communicator
Master Manual - Section 3.6.2 Appendices for Proficient Communicator
Master Manual - Section 3.6.3 Appendices for Skilled Communicator


At any time – print off levels 1 and 2 (or more if you are really keen) and inform your Accreditation Chairman of the Club that you are on the programme and wish to be evaluated. Levels 1 and 2 can be completed all at Club level.


All members can participate in the programme and it has been found that clubs where many members are taking part discover a new enthusiasm in the club with members eager to complete assignments.


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