Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Programme Tip for December

Are you struggling to get visitors to come back to your club meetings?
Are you finding it difficult to get new members to join?
Are you having to say goodbye to members?

No More! Logic tells you that if your club programme is interesting and stimulating and fun, you will not loose members, and you will attract new members!

Start thinking bigger. Start being bold and adventurous. Start breaking the old programming mould and shaping a fresh new one!

The December issue of the From the Boardroom, reminds members how to keep members happy and keep guests impressed! Offering inspiring, stimulating Programs is the way to keep members and guests coming back for more. The POWERtalk Website Resource Centre ► Education Features ► Club Assignments is the location where you find the Power Programmes Manual as well as dozens of other exciting programming ideas that offer quality training and coaching.

Power Programs is a manual full of ideas for programs from Art Appreciation, Using the Microphone to Understanding Customs and Cultures Around the World.

Clubs are asked to be responsible for providing programs that offer members a challenge to grow; keep them coming back for more; and for guests an incentive to join our organization.
Power Programs will help you to provide outstanding programs.

Another source of excellent programming material are the the two-hour POWERtalk short course modules. These are a great source of information when planning regular club programs. They are also excellent programs as last minute emergency fill in or as a regularly scheduled event. It gives each member the opportunity to practice the POWERtalk lessons, provides instant evaluation as the program progresses and helps each member gain confidence in their speaking abilities.
Look in the Master Manual at the POWERtalk short course section; at the end of each chapter is a list of suggested programming ideas and how to apply them to your club programming. The suggested Accreditation level applications are also listed.

The possibilities are endless --- no more excuse ever for boring and dull club programmes! A well planned innovative programme that stimulates, informs, challenges and entertains is a powerful vehicle towards packed club meetings!

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